XXC Italian Design: Castiglioni experience invites you to discover the history and culture of Italian design starting from the very first chapter. And who could we better pick, if not one of its most significant masters, Achille Castiglioni?
Ironic, clever, hard worker, crazy collector. Achille thought everyday life objects could become the beginning and the inspiration for a great new project: his never ending and always working imagination delivered complete functionality. Achille Castiglioni devoted over 65 years to design, developing his own philosophy of art, and shaping the future of architecture.
He is the father of many no-name perfect projects, like the lamp switcher. Right shape, perfect functionality and ergonomy, almost zero expense. He was eager to translate ordinary things into delightful solutions for everyday life. By combining expertise, passion and colourful personality Achille Castiglioni approached design with humour and innovation, leading to unique projects like the Snoopy Light, which was inspired by, well, Snoopy. His work in lightning and furniture production as well as contribution to architecture have been recognised around the globe, and without a doubt represent the XXC Italian design.

During this experience you will uncover details of design and have the privilege to meet Castiglioni’s daughter, Giovanna, who has the same spirit of her father. Guided by the energy and positive vibe inherited from the world-famous designer, you will walk through Achille’s inventions, notes, drawings and projects that became icons of the italian design. The Achille Castiglioni Foundation has been open to public since 2011, and boasts the photos, models, books and films that make up the exciting and artistic environment Castiglioni worked and lived in. The complex includes four different rooms, each representing a feature of Achille’s life: prototypes, drawing boards, anonymous objects, and projects that have made the history of design. The tour will complete with a thematic architectural itinerary around the city, with visits to the most outstanding artistic sights related to Castiglioni.

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Several images by René Spitz: Studio Achille Castiglioni, Milano via Flickr.