Expo Pavilion Tour

Expo Milan, the Universal event is a unique opportunity for Country Branding with single pavilions, acting as giant business cards built just north west of Milan. Our unique Pavilion tour, run in conjunction with Viaggi di Architettura for the...

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Bulgaria Pavilion for Expo 2015

With the title “Discover the diversity in nature”, Bulgaria participates at Expo 2015 with a pavilion that celebrates diversity combining tradition, innovation and conservation. The focus of Expo 2015 regards the strong links between agricultural traditions of the past...

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Cuba Pavilion for Expo 2015

The opening motif for the participation of the Republic of Cuba to Expo Milano 2015, concerns much of its attention on the local and national level. Cuba is geographically located on the largest island in the Caribbean Sea between...

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Bolivia Pavilion for Expo 2015

“Quinoa, future sown thousands of years ago” is Bolivia’s title for its participation at the Expo 2015 of Milan. Bolivia pays tribute to Quinoa, a plant very similar to spinach or beetroot, for the qualities of its nutrients and...

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Thailand Pavilion for Expo 2015

The theme underpinning the Thai Pavilion at Expo 2015 is “Nourishing and Delighting the World Sustainably”. The exhibition is divided into four thematic strands: “Timely innovations, serving a dream” which refers to the fight against world hunger, protecting the...

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Romania Pavilion for Expo 2015

The underlying concept for the Romanian Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015 is ‘living in harmony with nature’. Visitors will be offered an overarching insight into the spirit of Romania, with its blend of traditional and modern. The pavilion will...

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Cinque Terre National Park

Liguria, with its protected, unpolluted Cinque Terre National Park, is a mere 2.45 hours away from Milan, the perfect haven from the whirl of events in Milan and the pressure to visit all the pavilions created for Expo 2015....

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Malaysia Pavilion for Expo 2015

Malaysia’s theme for Expo Milano 2015 is ‘Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem’. The aim is to harness the complex issue of nutrition, which lies at the heart of Expo 2015, demonstrating that sustainable and high-grade agriculture can contribute to...

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UK Pavilion for Expo 2015

His Royal Highness Prince Harry recently announced that Nottingham-based artist Wolfgang Buttress had won the competition to design the UK Pavilion for Expo 2015, heading up a team of architects and designers. British Trade Minister Lord Livingston commented: “The...

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Mantua and Sabbioneta

Mantua, a hub of Renaissance art, is just a short, two-hour hop from Milan, and a definite must for anyone visiting Expo 2015. The city, along with the neighbouring comune of Sabbioneta, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site...

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